Round-the-world challenge for Worldreader

Help us travel 24,901 miles to raise £24,901 for Worldreader

We're challenging you to travel as far as possible for digital reading charity Worldreader - with the aim of collectively travelling around the world in 80 days, inspired by Jules Verne's seminal book. Whatever your preferred mode of transport - be it running, cycling, swimming, or walking - get involved to get fit and support a great cause at the same time.

You can sign up individually or as a team, and every single mile and every single donation helps towards our goal of travelling the 24,901-mile circumference of the globe by 12th June, and raising £24,901 for Worldreader and their 'Read to Kids' program in the process.

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Travelling the world in books

As we collectively pass milestones on our mission to travel 24,901 miles, we'll be putting the spotlight on journeys travelled by literary characters, unlocking a new book at each milestone. Plus keep an eye on the leaderboard to discover the teams and individuals who have travelled the furthest!

About Worldreader - getting the whole world reading

Worldreader combines 21st-century technology, culturally-relevant digital books, and supportive programming to improve learning outcomes, workforce readiness, and gender equity in vulnerable communities around the world. Since 2010, Worldreader and its partners have distributed 58m+ digital books to over 17m children and young adults across six regions.

Supporting the vital 'Read to Kids' program

This fundraiser will be supporting Worldreader with their ‘Read to Kids’ program in India, targeting Delhi’s poorest communities. The ‘Read to Kids’ program, which has reached over 200,000 families to date, seeks to promote the school readiness of young children by empowering caregivers and teachers to read to and with children via their mobile phones.

We are aiming to raise £24,901, which will support 10 primary schools in Delhi state, India. Any additional funds raised will go towards Worldreader’s Keep Children Reading campaign.


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