Walking the tightrope:
Balancing in-housing and economic uncertainty

Serpico by Croud's report on in-housing digital marketing in 2020 and beyond

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Exploring in-housing in 2020 and beyond

With COVID-19 accelerating many brands’ plans to in-house their digital marketing, Croud’s in-housing division, Serpico by Croud, commissioned a research piece that surveyed 210 CMOs in the UK and US to explore their in-housing ambitions.

The survey found that 44% of CMOs plan to in-house more as a result of the pandemic, whilst 39% of respondents in the UK, and 31% in the US, felt that the main challenge to in-housing digital was finding the right talent.

Download Serpico by Croud's report to:

  • Understand the impact of COVID-19 on in-housing plans
  • Discover the areas digital marketers are most likely to in-house
  • Find out what's holding marketing decision-makers back from in-housing
  • Learn how remote working has impacted perceptions of in-housing
  • Get insights to help you on your in-housing journey from Jerry Buhlmann, non-executive chairman of Croud, LEGO's Kate Crowley, and Serpico by Croud's Ben Knight

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